Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 5

Hey Family and Friends!  I can’t believe 1 month down, 17 to go.  The days in the CCM are slow but the weeks fly by fast.  I’m learning so much, and I’m surrounded by the best Elders and Hermanas in the world!  As mentioned before, we proselyte in the park on Saturdays for a few hours.  I was able to teach a 1st discussion in Spanglish on the metro while on our way to the park.  This park is HUGE!

They have a peacock garden for live peacocks, turtle ponds, and architecture that makes your hear melt.  While the view is breathtaking, the people are a bit hardened.  I have a lot of people tell me they are Catholic, and they will die Catholic, but they do not practice.  When asked about religion, it’s not uncommon for them to say “It’s not in my heart”.  (Brings light to the meaning hardened of heart)  I meet a handful of people who are willing to talk, and sadly the majority of these people have had tragic and rough childhoods.  We are so blessed to have been born of goodly parents who love the Lord and the gospel.  Don’t take it for granted.  I love the people of Spain, stubborn or not!

I stick out more than I thought I would.  A lot of people here are short, darker hair, and olive skin.  I feel like a giant next to them.  The teachers in the CCM cut hair, and are not professionals by any means.  A teacher, Hermana Griotti was trimming my hair and I told her to take about an inch off.  She held up 3 inches of cut hair and asked, “How much is an inch?”  I had to laugh, “close enough” I told her.  I forget they use the metric system in Spain.
Have a great week, and remember to give thanks for having the gospel in your life.  Nos Vemos,

Hermana Charlesworth

Teaching a 1st discussion on metro in Spanglish

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