Tuesday, January 5, 2016

7th Month - January

January 12, 2016
Hola Familia y Amigos!

How is everyone's spiritual goals and game plan?

I thought I'd share a few of mine, if anyone needs a few ideas:

1) Read the Book of Mormon in Spanish in 4 months. Game Plan: 5.4
   pages everyday
2) Memorize a scripture every week. Game Plan: Pick a scripture every
   Monday, recite it throughout the week, then tell my companion my
   memorized scripture at the end of the week.
3) Share my testimony as often as I can.
   These are just a few!

This week was super rainy and super busy! All three of us were doing
splits to get our appointments in. There's a lot of reactivating work here. We've had three lessons where we've taught The Restoration, asked the baptismal question, then found out they were menos activo...hehe...! God is great and I love serving! All of our
investigators have fechas and are progressing poco a poco. I love
them dearly! We hope to see them in white in a few weeks.

Training is one of my favorite parts of the work right now. I love my Hija! She's from the Canary Islands and is learning English. Just a few funny mistakes she's made this week that have now become jokes and thrown us in giggling fits:
"Sheffards quack at the site..."  Aka "Shephards quake at the site..."
"My stickers stank in my poocket..." Aka "My stickers stuck to my pocket..."
"I'm going to flirt on you..." Aka "I'm going to fart on you..."
"Your eyebrows are on flick..." Aka "Your eyebrows are on fleek..."
Hehe, oh dear I'll stop there, she's a hoot.

Study your scriptures! Make this week great! Venga, Nos Vemos!

Iré y Haré y Seré
Hermana Charlesworth

Nuevo Ano Tradition (1 grape for every bong of the clock)

                             Making tortillas, not to be confused with tortilla Espanola

January 5, 2016

Buenas Amigos y Familia!

How was your Christmas and New Year?!

La Navidad y el Año Nuevo here was super tranquila but also my most favorite. Being set apart as a representative of Christ, you can feel his love for all of the Fathers children, and you forget about the presents and rush because all you have room for is love and lots and lots of native pastries (I will have to be rolled off the airplane when I come home).

This week I pondered the story about Lot's wife in Genisis 19. Lot was commanded to take his family and leave their city, and was precautioned by the Lord upon leaving, "look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain". However, Lot's wife still looked back: "But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt." The question remains why did she look back? I want to relate this story to the New Year. Every year we make goals to progress, and like the Lord commanded Lot's family, we should not look back, neither
stay in the same place, but continue moving forward.

A stake from the south of Spain made a temple trip and invited us to eat with them one day (biggest paella pan I've ever seen in my life). We shared a message and asked everyone what some of their spiritual goals were for the upcoming year. I was surprised and humbled that every one of them had a specific spiritual goal and plan to carry it out. I invite you all to make a spiritual goal and plan. Satan is real, he wants us to fail, and he wants to be miserable. We need a spiritual game plan. Don't let him win! God is on our side. If we're not moving, we're not progressing, and we could be turned into a pillar of salt...

Study your scriptures! Venga! Nos Vemos!

Hermana Charlesworth
Iré y Haré y Seré

3 generations! Mi Madre, yo, mi Hija! (My Mom, Me, My Daughter)