Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 11

We continue to work hard and are setting high goals.  We make a lot of contacts, but we wish we were teaching more.  We did a little celebration for Rebecca’s baptism this week in conjunction with Mexico’s Independence Day. Oh my, what great food!  I haven’t had salsa since I’ve left home and of course the Spaniards don’t eat it, but what a treat. 

For P-Day we had a chance to see one of the Royal Palaces called the Pardo, where Franco lived when he was in power.  It was amazing to see all the tapestries, paintings, and furniture from the 1800’s.  It has Goyos work inside in which I remember studying in Humanities for school.  The palace is still in use on special occasions for when royalty comes into town.

I hope all is well, have a great week, and brighten someone’s day!  Love Hermana C

Celebrating Rebecca's Baptism (In black sombrero) and Mexico Independence Day!

My companion Hermana Hill and myself.

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