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October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! 

Sorry this message will be super short!  This week we took a trip to La Laguna in Tenerife for exchanges!  We went in ferry and needless to say the trip there was awful and we sat curled about in a ball on the bathroom floor the entire 3 hours, but the trip home was awesome!  We also had interviews with President and Hermana Pack, love those guys, I'm so grateful I have gotten to know them better, they have blessed my life!  And last but not least, my baby Hermana Vannucci is the bomb.  I love her!  She reminds me simple is better, and the great things are brought to pass by doing the small things!  Don't know what I would do without her. 

Love you guys!  Read the scriptures k!

Hermana Charlesworth

Iré y Haré y Seré 

Matching Glasses

Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Sitting, waiting for the barco.

The Barco

October 24, 2016

Hey guys! 

Cool little visiting teaching miracle this week!  Sunday morning in Relief Society we heard the timbre ring at the church.  When Hermana Vannucci and I got up to see who was at the door an Elderly woman stood in the doorway.  She had big sunglasses, brown leggings and big oversized green sweater.  She pulled us down from the step and made us assist her to the couch where we tried to figure out who she was.  In a small voice she said, "I am María José and I am here to go to church".  She pulled out letters from her colorful overstuffed bag written by her Visiting Teachers.  The letters expressed love and charity and shared a simple but powerful message.  I looked at the signatures at the bottom of the letters, they were signed by members.  Indeed Hermana María José was here to go to church.  I looked at Hermana Vannucci.  Before I knew it she pulled me down to the couch to help her take off her old flip flops and replace them with black flowery heels. Hermana Dolí came out into the little lobby and was just as surprised as we were when she saw her old friend.  María José held up all the letters from Dolí and her visiting teaching companion and smiled.  Hermana Dolí joined us on the little green couches and completely adored and loved María José.  I sat across on the other little couch and just listened. Such a tender moment when a friend comes back to church. 

I'm grateful for the whole 25 people we have in our Rama of Telde and the example they are for me!  My life will never be the same.  I have come to deeply appreciate and love every member of the church here and their sacrifices to strengthen, love, and reach out to others. 

I testify that the Church is true, that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, anything is possible. 

Hermana Charlesworth

Iré y Haré y Seré

Best Buds, Hermana Vannucci

Breakfast on the rooftop

L:a Garita

October 17, 2016

Hola Fam and Amigos!

A little girl we met on a crumbling staircase...

The little girl walked us inside with big hopes to introduce us to her parents.  We climbed to the 4th flour and she rang the timbre to their little apartment.  While we waited patiently outside the door, I took in my surroundings.  The walls were tagged with dark spray paint and ugly words, most of the paint had chipped and showed the bare drywall, loud rap music from below echoed up most of the broken and crumbling stairs.  I realized it was getting dark fast, I looked around for a light-switch, the little girl caught my looking eyes and replied they were broken.  I refocused on the door (which was now getting hard to see it was so dark) and prayed we might touch this family's heart. 

We heard loud voices inside and the door swung opened.  Her mom answered and her dad joined the woman's side, they looked at us, and then at their daughter and asked what we wanted.  We explained that we met her daughter on the steps, and that she had been very kind to us (they really didn't care).  Again they asked us what we wanted so we introduced ourselves and told the couple we were representatives of Jesus Christ and we were there to share a message.  It was obvious they did not care about us or the message as they continued telling us they did not believe in God.  The little girl looked at me and then at her parents, "mom, these girls are nice." My heart was so full for this little girl and I quickly started testifying about God and his plan to have an eternal family in hopes of softening her parents’ hearts!  Instead they closed the door, leaving us and their daughter completely in the dark.  My feelings in this moment were indescribable and my heart sank.  As we sat in the darkness for a few moments the little girl broke the silence, "They really do believe in Jesus", she told me, "they're just having a bad day, please come back and talk to them." 

I that moment I felt we should teach her to pray.  Now it was completely black as we all sat in the staircase.  I explained prayer, what it is and that we can communicate with our Father in Heaven who loves us at any time.  I offered a very very simple prayer and luego asked her if she would like to try. "Yes!" she told us, "but I don't know how". By the light of our little Nokia we showed the steps in a pamphlet.  I simply described prayer again and asked her for two things she was grateful for, and two things she wanted to ask God for.  She told me she was grateful for her family, and for the food they had, and she wanted to ask God to never lack anything, and that her parents would always stay together.  As my heart melted, I told her to repeat my words and I started the prayer.  As I said a sentence, she would repeat it, and at the end of our prayer the Spirit radiated and engulfed us in a little bubble of warm fuzzys.  The staircase felt bright, illuminated and warm even though we sat in the chilly dark.  The power of prayer! 

Fave scripture this week even though I can't remember where it is now...
"...that ye may at last be brought to sit the kingdom of heaven to go no more out."  No empty seats! 

Hermana Charlesworth

Iré y Haré y Seré

Familia Leon

Sahara Desert Sand 1

Sahara Desert Sand 2

Sahara Desert Sand 3


October 10, 2016

Hey Fam and Friends! 

I was praying I would train again to finish my mission, and guess what?  Prayer answered, dream come true, I'm training!  Just a fun lil fact, I found out at the training meeting in Madrid that I have a "great-granddaughter" in the mission, lol. 

So much has happened, all wonderful things of course, and I have to say that I love the mission! I love the relationships, friends, and new family I have gained and I couldn't possibly imagine life without them. 

My new daughter is Hermana Vannucci, she's from Idaho, and she is la bomba. We will be together for the next twelve weeks in the Islands! So beyond stoked to finish here with her.

Okay, don't judge my Spanish too hard but I just wanted to share my testimony with you guys:

Testificó que Dios existe, que es nuestro Padre Celestial.  Testificó que él nos ama más que podemos imaginar, y como un Padre amoroso, siempre está con nosotros.  Nunca nos deja solo, sino que nos da oportunidades de crecer, aprender, y mejorar.  Lo amamos a él y él nos ama!  Sé que nos dio a su hijo unigénito y perfecto Jesucristo.  Sé que Jesus es nuestro mediador y Salvador verdadero.  Se que él sufrió todo para entendernos y para que nunca estemos solos en nuestro viaje.  Nuestros sufrimientos y dolores, tentaciones y pecados son aliviados por medio de él.  Qué maravilloso el amor de nuestros Padres Celestiales y nuestro Hermano mayor! 

Church is true and I loooove you! 

Hermana Charlesworth

Iré y Haré y Seré 

My Mission Ladies

Our recent convert Jaime from the islands at the Madrid Temple

US and our new mission babies in the mission home packing for the island life

Hermana Harper (my greenie-breaker) finished her mission! 

Last flight home to the islands from Madrid

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