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August 29, 2016

Hola Fam n Friends!

Our investigator Jaime was baptized and confirmed!!!  Jaime is an early 30’s, Spaniard, studied law, and uses really big words that I don't know in Spanish or in English.  He's super smart and super witty!  We taught him hi-fives and now he does them all the time.  He's a good egg.  Sorry this is really short.  Church is true! I love you!  Study the scriptures!

Hermana Charlesworth 

Iré y Haré y Seré

Jaime Baptism

August 15, 2016

Buenos Amigos Mios!

Crazy week!  Spent Monday and Tuesday in Madrid for consilio, took all the lovely spiritual info that we learned to the zone and did zone training the next day, then had exchanges and flew the Hermanas from Tennerife into our area.  I got to work with Hermana Harper which was bomb because she was my greeny-breaker!  This week Jaime also had his baptismal interview and passed with all smiles! (I will write more about him next week). Sorry this is more factual than spiritual I'm on a time crunch today.  Love you all and keep reading your scriptures! 

Hermana Charlesworth 

Iré y Haré y Seré

Consilio Madrid August 9, 2016

Island Donkey

Rocky Nublo

Snuck past security with my Gofio To-go...! Chacho

Jaime is getting baptized Saturday!!! We're working on his smiles...

¡Hola Fam & Friends! On a plane as we speak, Hermana Freestone and I are headed into Madrid for Consilio.  We took a 5 o'clock GuaGua (bus) to be to the airport at 6 this morning!  Sooooo I’m gonna contact this guy scribbling some architecture plans next to me then take a nap and let you guys read this email!  But I wanted to share with you one of the many many miracles God has blessed us with here in Telde.  I know this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that our Heavenly Father loves us very much, even with all of His heart, mite, mind and strength!  He is a Father of love and we are His children. 

Alicia la Cubana:

Wednesday 1, June 2016
Met a woman named Alicia touching doors, she is from Cuba and works interna looking after an older gentleman (to me the definition of interna would be someone from South America who is a slave to an old person Spaniard, but to put it in better words interna signifies an in-house nurse. Company is usually never allowed in, and the worker never allowed out).  We shared the Book of Mormon with her and she accepted the invitation to read.  We were hopeful but also realistic that we might never enter her home or ever have the opportunity to teach her due to her circumstances. 

Friday 10, June 2016:
Hermana Freestone and I passed by Alicia to check up and see how she was doing.  She had begun to read and the book had quenched a 30-year thirst.  However her situation allowed us little time and seeing that we were still un welcomed in the home, we testified briefly from the doorframe that the book was true and would change her life, and she had to go. 

Thursday 21, July 2016: 
Intercombios with Hermana Tyler, I passed by Alicia, we set an appointment.

Thursday 28, July 2016
Today Alicia was waiting for us and opened the door motioning us to enter (miracle!).  We didn't speak as we entered the home and walked passed the elderly man watching tv from his cot in the living room. We met her in the kitchen. A humble one-man setting with a tiny tiny little wood table. The Book of Mormon sat marked and open on the table.  She had several pages of notes and genealogy charts drawn and scribbled and rescribbled, all neatly organized on the table.  Her entire character beamed, she told she knew the book was true. 

Tuesday 2, August 2016
Today we gathered around the tiny wood table again, the air hot and sticky as always, all of us sweating.  We laid our scriptures out.  We sang, she hummed, and we prayed.  Hermana Freestone and I sat on the edge of our chairs listening intently to Alicia.  She asked if she could be baptized...

Alicia has a baptismal date for September! 

Favorite quotes from amigos this week:
"If anyone turns into a skank after the mission, I will hunt them down..."
-Hermana Pack

"If you checkout, your behind the game."
-Hermana Freestone

"There's a light at the end of the tunnel, but we learn a whole darn lot through the tunnel..."
-Hermana Harper 

Hermana Charlesworth

Iré y Haré y Seré

Intercambios with H' Jensen and H' Robinson
Island Adventuring
We were checked off the Pack's Clean piso tour and received the golry of a "Celestial Piso". Makin ya proud Mom!
Fresh OJ with the Delgados

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