Monday, December 14, 2015

6th Month - December

December 14, 2015

Buenas Family & Friends! 

Crazy news...IM GOING TO BE A MOM!!!  In the Mission hehe!  And in a trio!  It's hard to believe, I was being trained only four weeks ago and now I'm going to be training!  In a trio...oh my...

Fun news for the week:
Being so close to the Temple and the Stake Center we meet people from all over the world.  The Temple serves Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Germany but Madrid is a melting pot so we have met people from all over Africa and other European countries as well.  As Hermanas of B6 we give Temple tours and this week we had the opportunity to meet and tour over a hundred youth from Barcelona this weekend.  I love the youth! 

Just a quick blerp:
This week I pondered the Christ-like attribute of humility, and its opposite, pride.  Pride affects all of us in various ways and in various degrees.  I used to think of pride as arrogance and self -centeredness, but understand it a little better now as a state of opposition.  When we are prideful we are selfish and we are concerned how things will affect "me".  Pride also affects our relationships and especially our relationship with our Father in Heaven.  I believe if we have pride in our hearts, we could miss something important, because the proud are not easily taught! Choose to be humble and build others!  We can choose to be humble or we can be compelled to be humble, but blessed are they that choose (Alma 32:16).

I'm super content that I'm staying another transfer in Barrio 6!  There's lots of work and we have amazing investigators right now.  Excited to be training with Hermana Harper.  It's funny, I asked to go on splits because we are becoming really busy and we were blessed with another companion! 

How's everyone's Family History search? 

Thank you for your prayers!  Study your scriptures! 
Venga, Nos Vemos!
Iré y Haré y Seré

Con Amor,

Hermana Charlesworth

       Investigator! Learned how to make Maiz Morado. AKA: Delicious sugary purple corn goo.

(December 1, 2015)

Hola Family & Friends!

Another beso for me this week hehe!  Oh dear Spanish men... Speedily leading the way to an appointment, I had Hermana Harper, the Elders and a member in camino right behind me when a Spanish man stopped me to ask if I was a missionary (being stopped instead of doing the stopping is always a dream).  "Si" I said proudly! Long story short he wasn't interested in the lessons and as we started to leave he pulled me in for smooch!  Gah!  Everyone gasped in unison and the member screamed to scare him. Super funny, we still giggle about it. 

We had a great week!  We're finding a lot of good people so we're going to start doing splits to teach everyone.  I love the people we're working with!!!  The Ward is great and they're a huge support. 

Short thoughts/tender mercies/happy moments from the week:
-We passed by a family of members and at the end of our lesson we asked how their reading was as a family.  "Good" they replied.  Then we asked where they were (because this is the real question to see how their reading is!) and in unison they said "2 Nephi 11".  I was impressed. Does everyone know where they are reading right now?  And as a family too?
-Our menos activo we reactivated a couple of months ago gave a strong talk in church.
-Another young menos activo we reactivated is preparing for a mission.
-The weather is freezing at nights!  (7 degrees c!) I didn't bring boots or leggings (don't worry I have some now!) and getting ready to leave an appointment with an investigator she noticed I was bootless!  She ran back to her room and came out with tights and boots for me.  The people have big hearts. 

Thank you for your prayers.  Study your scriptures!  I love you! 

Venga! Nos Vemos!
Iré y Haré y Seré

Hermana Charlesworth 

Thanksgiving!  My first chicken Foot!  You break off all the toes with your hands, pop em in your mouth one by one then suck off the skin and all the ligaments. Yummmm.

This week was a week of trying new foods.

Had the opportunity to share an old talent and taught my friend a quick lil lesson to get her started. Future pro.

Only in the mission.

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