Monday, November 9, 2015

5th Month - November

(Nov. 23, 2015)

Hola Buenas Family and Friends!                                                                 

This week was ride. We housed girls from Madrid coming to get residency and we housed more later in the week from Barcelona!  Lots of fun.

Elder Christian from the 70 also came to speak to the missionaries and the Madrid Stakes.  He and his wife are amazing.  They encouraged the people to work with the missionaries-and feed them!  Hehe! 

Lots of tender little mercies this week.  If you listen and follow the promptings of the spirit, you will strengthen your relationship with him.  As you continue to seek him he will trust you and give you more guidance! 

We also had inter-combios and I got to know our Hermana Training Leader better, Hermana Staker!  We're convinced we were friends in the pre-existence. 

I love my Family!  Dad, Mom, Syd, Summerlin, Jimmy!  And I love my Father in Heaven. I love being an Hermana and I love serving and teaching the people of Spain, however I think they're teaching me more than they realize!

Sorry it's a lil short, no time!  Make this week great! 

Venga, Nos Vemos!
Iré y Haré y Seré
Hermana Charlesworth 

Ps thank you for your prayers and birthday wishes!

Hermana Staker on the right and my old CCM teacher in the middle


Nigerian Members

Barcelona Hermanas

(Nov. 16, 2015)

Hola Friends and Family!                                                                                               

Busy week! Different week. We had transfers and I'm now leading the area!  My greeny-breaker is Hermana Harper.  We're a fairly young companionship, she only has two months on me.  We're learning a lot!

I had the opportunity to practice my Spanish this week and I spoke in our District and Zone meetings and then again in Relief Society (Our relief society is huge! Around 70 women in attendance every week).  Before this would have scared me to death!  However, when we study our scriptures and pray daily, we strengthen our testimonies, so when the time comes to share them (sometimes unexpectedly) we are prepared, and the Lord will not let us fail. 

Tender lil mercy from last week, Hermana Hill and I met someone really neat in the metro a month back, but because he was not in our area we had to pass his information on. We found out that he was baptized just last week!  You never know the seeds you plant, friends:) 

Just a quick thought,
I was sitting intrigued in the Barrio's(ward's) Noche De Hogar(Family Home Evening) this week listening to the teachers talk about Family History work, and I was pondering why doing my Family History had never interested me before. Simply because I didn't understand the importance or urgency to think beyond myself and the living family that surrounds me!  How wonderful a blessing and an opportunity to have the technology to not only know the pioneers of our family, but after to complete their work for their eternal salvation!  I'm positive they know us and probably surround us.  Do we know them?  I was daydreaming about being greeted by generations of family when I arrived in Heaven, thinking perhaps I would be confused and little embarrassed that I was selfishly unaware of our relationship.  How much better would it be to know those who greeted me!  I imagine sharing a moment of gratitude with them, and that our love and relationship would be much deeper because I made time to learn about them.  I challenge you to make time this month to do Family History!  Find someone from your family and study them.  I'm curious to know what you find, keep me updated. 

I love my family, I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven, and I love you! Make this week great! 

Study your scriptures!
Iré y Haré y Seré
Hermana Charlesworth

Pictures of pictures! I've been using the camera more lately. 

Our amigas de Nicaragua! 

Hola Family & Friends! 

The members here cannot pronounce my name. Not only is it squished on my chapa, but it has a mouthful of letters the people of Spain cannot seem to wrap their heads around.   It usually starts out with "Hermana Scharles" and progressively after a few more tries reaches "Hermana Charleswert", and after jumps straight to "Hermana Barbie".   So right now my name is Hermana Barbie…. hehe. 

A few short stories before I gotta leave! 

We have a very special investigator from the Dominican Republic!   This is my first time meeting someone that is searching, and thirsting for the truth.  It's like the veil is being lifted when we talk to him.  He's very interactive, and always follows through with our commitments. He has a date for the end of November! 

Another is a lil old granny from Spain.  We pick her up from her apartment (I always walk her and she holds my arm, kinda reminds me of Grandma Pat) and stroll down to the park, or to her favorite cafe were everyone knows her name.  It was so funny, we were walking out of the park last week and two guys on bikes slowed down to enter the gates.  When the first came through he slowed down when we made eye contact, and shortly after his buddy bumped into him on the bike and they both stopped and smiled at me with a silly open mouth.  This made our lil Grandma laugh so hard she turned to me and said, "They thought they saw an Angel!" And I replayed, "I know, how did they know you where from Heaven." And then all of us had a little giggling fit right there in the street.  I'm laughing just thinking about it.

Love you all. Study your scriptures on the daily!
Iré y Haré y Seré 
Hermana Charlesworth

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  1. Dear Mikaela, Now that is a great story! The lil Grandma story that is. If you don't win them over with one thing your sense of humor and charm will. Good job. Tammy xo